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From the past few months, businesses are not operational throughout the world, including grooming salons. Men are supposed to cut their hair and style their beard at home and still wish to have the same neat look. Most men prefer to do it at home themselves instead and save their time to go to the salon, book an appointment, and wait for somebody to fix their hair. In the past few years, many hair cutting devices and trimmers have been designed, some of them have flopped, some of them flourished, some of them were too pricey, some didn’t give the amount of preciseness one was looking for so after a lot of research we came across this product which might hit the bull's eye! 

To achieve your desired style, one must have an exceptional hair clipper, and for that reason, Babyliss pro clipper is the right for men to get the style whatever they want in the comfort of their home.  


The super motor skeleton trimmer is a heavy-duty, highly precise hair cutting tool designed for men to groom themselves whenever they want. It has a slim and sleek black metal body for that firm grip, and a wide Japanese steel blade with no gaps in between that is outstanding for providing the detailed and intricate haircut one wishes for. The following article will help you choose a hair trimmer for men if you have a hard time finding one. 


The Babyliss pro clipper is exceptionally well crafted with its lithium technology battery that requires 3 hours of charge for 120 minutes runtime and constant power performance. This device is extremely well balanced for handling and has all-metal casing offers a plus point over any other trimmer. Not only it has these features, but it also comes with a charging stand, cleaning brush, and oil to increase its lifespan. It also has some pretty impressive features to which are listed below: 

Hassle-free usage: 

This hair trimmer is easy to use because of its choice, that one can use it cordless! And roam freely around the place. Unlike some of the trimmers, which only have an option to be used with a cord and restrict the movement, this Babyliss product is cordless and cordless. If anyone wishes to use  

it for longer runtime, you can use it with the cord. To avoid unnecessary bending and toggle, the cord is engineered with a metal lever and a heavy-duty power cord sleeve, and when not in use, it can be stored in the metal hanging loop that comes with the trimmer. 

Super sharp blades for neatness: 

Japan has excelled in the field of metallurgical objects, from fine-edged kitchen knives to extraordinarily razor blades. The Japanese have outshone through them all. The same is with this Babyliss pro clipper, which has precisely engineered Japanese steel blades with a super sharp v cutting angle, which helps to provide an extended-lasting fine cut even through the thickest of hair! 

• Robust all-metal housing design: 

The robust five-position taper level on this trimmer can be adjusted easily when combined with the comb guards that come with this device. Now, if we talk about the candle t outliner, it does not come with the comb guards, but this professional hair trimmer does! The 5 level adjustments are adequate and do not loosen over time. This hair cutter includes six comb guides that fit easily and can’t cut hair ranging from 3mm to 19 mm depending upon the attachment comb's size. 

We may have seen many appliances with an unattractive outer shell made of plastic, which may not be a durable material. However, some of the fantastic trimmers are still using these, which expose them to a high risk of getting damaged earlier. 

In this product’s circumstance, this hair tool has all-metal housing that provides durability and looks attractive too! One may grab this sleek device and effortlessly use it to trim your beard or hair as its firm round handle makes it easy to use.  

The upper part of the device is smooth, and there will be no room for germs and dead skin to stick on it, and if some of it does, it can be easily cleaned using the brush that is provided with the trimmer. 

• High torque brushless motor: 

Like every other pivot motor, it also functions the same as a magnetic motor. But, Babyliss pro clipper’s pivot motor has two built-in electromagnets, and this is the reason why this hair clipper  

provides greater torque, greater speed, and easily cut through long thick hair. Expected from a professional tool at a barber’s shop due to which you will be able to do it at home as well!  


Researching through all the trimmers that are available in the market, we personally like this one because of all the cool features it provides, from the sleek design to plenty of comb guards. The best part is Wahl clipper guards can fit on the blades of the Babyliss clipper, so if you wish to polish your cuts, you can choose the desired guardand of course, how can you forget the cordless design? 


Assessing the overall vital features of this super motor skeleton trimmer, we have come down to the decision that this product is worth buying as it has all the elements one can wish to get their hair done at home without any hassle. You get six comb guides (3, 6, 10, 13, 16, 19mm), made for all hair types, and give you a two-year warranty. Also, do you wish to learn how to cut your hair at home? Then this Babyliss Trimmer device is perfect for you to start with! 


Let us make it easy for you about why you should buy this hair trimmer: 

•It is fast and powerful. The pivot motor and the high torque brushless motor does not make it difficult for any hair to be cut, and neither the speed slows down.  

•The Japanese steel blades are so sharp that you don’t have to re-do it recurrently for a refined cut. 

•The design of this trimmer can make it easier to grip, and the smooth upper part makes it easier to clean, so it is a plus point. 

•The most important part is the affordability, as compared to most of the trimmers, this super motor has an excellent value for money, and one can achieve the barbershop style at home in no time! 


Like every other product, this also has some cons that you might keep in mind if you are willing to buy it. 

•Due to its electromagnetic pivot motor, the product may run hot if used for an extended time. 

•The minimum comb length that comes with it is 3mm, which will not cut super short hair or very close to the skin, although it can be perfect for most of the styles but not ideal for some of them. 

•The cord length is quite short, even though it is enough in most cases, but most of the trimmers like Andis t-outliner have a longer cord, and this one has an 8ft long power cord is more than enough. 


Who doesn’t wish to have their hair done at home the same way their barber does? Well, if you do, then this product has everything you need.  

No matter how thick your hair is, it can be trimmed, no matter how long, it will work because it comes with plenty of the comb guards. The nice casing provides a firm grip and fewer chances of the device slipping from your hand and also reduces fatigue because of the perfect balance.  

The cordless design helps you to move it wherever you want to. If somebody else wishes to do your hair, they can do it too!. Don't wait any longer for a professional to do your hair as it is highly safe to use and fewer chances of cuts because of the perfectly right size of the blades that gives a detailed finish but doesn’t injure your skin! 


In conclusion, this hair trimmer for men is a complete package that delivers high-level performance in a good price range. Everything about this product is to be appreciated by design, functions, and the attachments; everything is good about this product. Now that the trend is changing and like women, men are also inclined to groom themselves; for most men, this will be the perfect go-to device if they are in a trimmer hunt. This article covered both the pros and cons with all the key features in it, and it might be helpful who is willing to buy one. We believe that this Babyliss Pro Trimmer is worth buying, and we highly recommend it.