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Luis Neto Tips for Creating Hot Towel Shave at Home

Nobody can match the standard and pleasure of getting shaved at a barbershop. It is so because they use the right elements need for shaving and gives you much pamper you would require. The hot towel shave is one of them and often, men donΓÇÖt strive to replicate it at home. Luis Neto is surely the perfect answer for your search- the finest barbers hot towel shave near me in Norwich. But, in any case, if you arenΓÇÖt able to reach us due to any reason, you must know how to do it at home.

Step 1: Get a towel

You donΓÇÖt really need a fancy towel. Any clean small towel or washcloth will do the work.

Step 2: Apply Essential Oils on the Towel (optional)

Although this step is optional, we highly recommend you do this. If you donΓÇÖt have any, you can get it from Luis NetoΓÇÖs store which is barbers hot towel shave near me in Norwich. Choose from any scent you fancy and experiment with different ones. However, lavender, eucalyptus, and sandalwood are traditional scents. If you wish you can go for any of these too.

Apply a few drops of oil to your towel while it is still dry. You donΓÇÖt need to put any more drops and itΓÇÖs best if you conserve it. Some scents are quite expensive.

Step 3: Warm/Heat Up the Towel

You can heat up your towel in three different ways. The first way is to simply run it under extremely hot water from the tap. It would be quick and easy but you may not get it as hot as required. So, fill a bowl with hot water and let the towel soak in it or let it sit under the running water. It will conserve the fragrance of the oil.

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The second way to arm up the towel is to damp it and then keep it in the microwave for thirty seconds. ItΓÇÖs very fast and works great. However, if you use the same system to warm up your towel as fast food joints do to heat their pizzas is a thumbs down for you. We would rather suggest the third option.

Option third includes filling your kettle with sufficient water to fill your bowl and an extra amount required to make a cup of tea. Once the water starts boiling, pour the towel into the bowl that currently holds the towel. While the towel soaks, you can make yourself a tea with the remaining water.

Step 4: Apply to Face & Enjoy

Finally, apply this hot towel to your face and hold it for a few seconds (10 t0 30 seconds). If you choose the third option that is kettle, ensure that itΓÇÖs not too hot. Keep the towel until it is hot, then remove it off and carry on with your usual shaving routine.

We hope you enjoyed reading the tips. Luis Neto provides hair and beard trimming, shaving, and cutting services in Norwich. It is a perfect end to your question- which is the best beard grooming barber near me? In case if you require any shaving kit or related-essentials, just browse our online store and fill your bag.