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Shampoos For Men | Tips by Luis Neto Hair Design

ThatΓÇÖs all on the five types of shampoo for men that we see most often in the isle. Comment below and let us know what kind of shampoo you use and why. Next time we talk conditioners. In the meantime ask Luis Neto for advice Dont stop there get your hair products at

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Units for Men....

Women have been using hair units or weave to enhance their hair for decades if not centuries. Although men have dabbled with wigs in the past, hair units for men or man weave as they are most commonly referred to, have become the next frontier for male hair styling.

Christmas Present Ideas for Him

We know guys can be really difficult to shop for so we thought weΓÇÖd help. Here are our Christmas present ideas for the guys in your life.

10 Scariest Hairstyles | Happy Halloween

Halloween is upon us and we have scoured the internet to give you 10 of the scariest hairstyles we can find. So here come the horrors.

A History of Black Hair

Although the debate has now moved to what is acceptable in the workplace. It is safe to say that much of the identity that was lost is now being regained and black hair is once again a very strong expression of the self.