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10 Scariest Hairstyles | Happy Halloween

Halloween is upon us and we have scoured the internet to give you 10 of the scariest hairstyles we can find. So here come the horrors.

A History of Black Hair

Although the debate has now moved to what is acceptable in the workplace. It is safe to say that much of the identity that was lost is now being regained and black hair is once again a very strong expression of the self.

Homage to the Black Community | Black History Month!

As black history month unfolds it would be remiss of us to not pay homage to the vast number of black businessmen and women whose immense knowledge and great skill adds not only economic value but also social and cultural diversity to our local community.

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To us, you are a fully functioning human being with costs and responsibilities; so, here's our gift to you: A good quality, Luis Neto hair cut with a massive 20% discount , don't tell us we don't think of you.

Barbers. Finding The One

Ask anyone who cuts and styles their hair and they will tell you that "finding a good barber is like finding a good lawyer, you stick with the same one". so how do you know if you have found THE ONE.