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To us, you are a fully functioning human being with costs and responsibilities; so, here's our gift to you: A good quality, Luis Neto hair cut with a massive 20% discount , don't tell us we don't think of you.

Barbers. Finding The One

Ask anyone who cuts and styles their hair and they will tell you that "finding a good barber is like finding a good lawyer, you stick with the same one". so how do you know if you have found THE ONE.

Look Good, Feel Good at Luis Neto Hair Design!

Be part of the Luis Neto brand that welcomes all people from different cultural backgrounds to enjoy the experience of looking good and feeling good.

New Talent

Join our team of professional barbers today. We have a space here for the right person. An experienced barber who understand the value of the customer to out business and someone that will strive to make the customerΓÇÖs experience an excellent one every time. Email you CV today at